Weaving Water with the Unknown and the Unseen by Simone Johnson

I originally made this collage in 2021 under the name “Esu’s Prayer”; it is many things, especially a mixed media premonition of sleeping and dreaming in/with the Hudson River in New York, which I had an opportunity to do last Fall, and will continue this season.

To contemplate and celebrate World Water Day, with the 2024 theme being Water for Peace and Prosperity, I am also layering on a new title and meaning for this collage, and therefore present: 

Weaving Water with the Unknown and the Unseen

Although I am sharing an image of the original collage, I would like to add to this new iteration, an Abalone shell, a turquoise ankle bracelet of Cowrie Shells, and herbal medicine plants like Rose, Lavender and St. John's Wort who help me relax and feel calm.

What plants, especially in relationship with water, can help us cultivate harmony in our personal and collective lives?

In thinking about water and peace, I return back to this collage, and contemplate how Mystery and forces we are (un)aware of, play a role in our personal lives, weaving our collective relations across spacetimes and work to foster harmony on this watery planet we call Mother Earth.

While immersed in and remembering  ecosystems as a whole, whenever you are near a body of water, near some kind of water source (i.e. at home) or being with your body, I invite you to be present and communicate with (through words, song, tears, silence ect) that which is intangible, you are (un)sure of, or do not completely understand.

A visualization-letter to my guides

I sit beside
flowing water, invigorated,
by the sky and kissed by the sun.
I extend my arm
and put the palm of my hand on the surface of the water,
slowly moving my hand back and forth.
Before I know it,
my hand is emerged in the coolness of life,
and I start humming and singing under my breath
The light sparkles on the water
I see myself
There are so many smiles, laughter and joy in the sunlight touching the water
I think of you,
who have been with me all this time,
and I start crying, humming, singing, feeling pain and gratitude at the same time
Dreaming and thinking of you all, whose faces I have not seen
But I have felt you. You continue to visit and comfort me;
I know
you are here

Happy belated World Water Day!

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